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Good Cotton x G-Unit

A nostalgic but modern spin on a Hip Hop Classic.

Client: Good Cotton


Good Cotton represents the duality of luxury goods and the gritty hustle. They emphasize quality over quantity and how the clothes make you feel more than how they look. This collection granted Good Cotton the opportunity to show you what that means. From concepts to garments, we were able to give you their perspective on streetwear.


G-Unit was many of our first introduction to gangsta rap, mixtapes, and hustlin’. They showed us that when it’s in you, nothing, not even nine bullets can stop you. As the leading Visual Brand Architect for Good Cotton, I was tasked with designing a product and digital experience to reflect the impact and reputation of G-Unit.

Design Goal

1. Design a product and streamlined, intuitive website that invokes the nostalgic feeling of G-Unit's impact.

2. Design and curate a digital marketing campaign to complement the collection.


User Persona Tevin Greene

Tevin Greene is a Senior Software Developer with a passion for Hip-Hop, looking to support upcoming streetwear brands. As a Bronx native, he takes pride in his style and enjoys quality garments with a story attached to them. Tevin's interest is piqued when he comes across a new streetwear brand that embodies the culture and sells quality products with a well-executed marketing campaign.


I wanted to utilize Good Cotton's signature yellow and G-Unit's nitrous purple and camo to create a timeless and nostalgic design. During my research, I was able to identify vintage products and logos G-Unit utilized and was able to use them as reference points for the digital marketing campaign. To maintain the minimalistic style of the Good Cotton website, I used Grey and Black as secondary colors. The style tile below was utilized as the basis for the branding and UI/UX for the website.

Product Design

By merging Good Cotton's signature G and the "- Unit" from the well-known G-Unit logo, we created a nostalgic and timeless design.

Packaging Insert Design

In addition to the product, I designed a package insert detailing the conceptual thinking behind the design.


I took the initiative to personally shoot and edit a series of images encapsulating the collection for product marketing. I chose to shoot with a Canon AE 1(35mm Film Camera) on a white backdrop allowing me to capture the product in a modern and timeless way.

Website Design

For the final web design, I maintained the minimalistic feel of Good Cotton's website but by adding additional elements inspired by G-Unit's musical reign, I was able to design a web experience that evokes nostalgia.

Landing Page: By using a video for the landing page, we are able to grab the user's attention in the first few seconds.

Home Page: By adding different elements to the page such, as a moving gif and the shattered glass, adds additional depth to the overall web experience

Shop Page

Item Page

Collections Page

About Page

Contact Page

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