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Client: FreshPicked

Project: UX / UI Design



My name is Marceline. I'm looking for a user experience designer. I would like to quickly and easily find out what you can make with specific groceries. Can you do that?

Design Goal

1. The app should be aseptically pleasing and easy and intuitive to use.

Project Description  

No matter if you are a world-renowned chef, hobbyist cook, a thriving college student, or just looking to cook a quick meal, FreshPicked is the application to solve that redundant question of "What am I going to cook today?" FreshPicked allows the user to create a list of ingredients at their disposal and then will curate a list of some of the most popular recipes you can make with the selected ingredients. These recipes can be filtered by diet and sorted by cook time. Now that age-old question of "What's for dinner" has been eliminated but daily suggestions of pre-selected meals.



The common obstacles I identified that people are approached with when making a meal are Time, Recipes, and Ingredients.

1. Time: People do not have enough time within their day to properly prepare a meal of their choice.
2. Recipes: People do not know what they want to eat or they often result to making their usuals.
3. ingredients: Many indivisuals lack the basic ingredients to make filling home-cooked meals.

Site Map

After analyzing the pain points when making a meal, I prioritized, simplified, and restructured the information to create a sitemap for FreshPicked.


This is a selection of the wireframes for the FreshPicked app that I created as an early attempt to develop content and establish placement of the content hierarchy throughout the application. I attempted a clean, functional style inspired by the UberEats and Epicurious apps.

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Taking inspiration from restaurant logos, book covers, and flyers, I created the following style guide as the basis for my UI. Following my wireframe inspiration from the UberEats and Epicurious apps, I went for a palatable color scheme of oranges, yellows, and green. These are colors that are commonly associated with hunger, organic and healthy food choices.


UI Design

The overall design did not stray too far from the wireframe after selecting the font and colors. The recipe pages create a great deal of visual interest, while the color palette and minimal UI add space to the overall design.

Next Steps

1. Extra Features

Upon reviewing the final product, I would like to include a feature allowing users to watch step by step videos of their favorite recipes being made.

2. Testing

I will conduct usability testing to evaluate the efficacy of the application process and its functionality.

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