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Fiserv Digital Banking: Small Business Platform

See how I learned and designed a strategic vision and roadmap to a best-in-class Small Business Banking Product.

Client: Fiserv

Project: UX / UI Design


What Happened?

We set out to learn about how small business owners were running their financials and we spoke directly to them. We wanted to understand what drove them crazy. We learned that business owners of all sizes are juggling solutions. They are stuck with doing a task that they don't want to do or like doing. Their solutions are clunky and don't communicate. But everyone doesn't need the same solution, but they do need the same personalized service.

Design Goal

1. Design unique features and a personal dashboard experience for Persona 2 Diane.


Competitive Analysis Findings

After comparing the Banking and FinTech applications below, we were able to identify where our product is doing well and where we need to improve when catering to Small Business owners.

Banking Competitors

Banking Best In Class Experience

FinTech Competitors

FinTech Best In Class Experience

SMB Owners Interviews

Our team set out to learn from SMB owners. We conducted multiple hours of interviews with nine SMB owners from ages 24 to 58.

Businesses ranged in size from micro eCommerce businesses and freelancers to companies with employees and seven-figure revenue.

From this group of people, we created three archetype personas to design for.

In addition, we learned about their financial journeys, what their solutions are and where they have pain points.


SMB Card Sorting Exercise

During our interviews, we conducted a card-sorting exercise with our SMB owners. We asked them to sort 33 features into three categories, must-have, good to have, and not relevant. Within each category, we asked the participants to rank the features in each category from most to least important to them. We analyzed this data by persona and where features overlapped across personas.

User Journey

During our interviews, we focus on th job to be done by SMB owners over the year. Our interviewees all focused on Chas flow and analytics, expenses, accounting and taxes, and payments.



First Iteration

Second Iteration

Final Iteration

Unique Features for Diane

Division by Business: Allow's Diane to switch between her multiple businesses and personal accounts.

Offering Needed Tools: Proposed Diane with tools to resolve solutions before she know she needs them.

Tags for Transactions: Allows Diane to sort and label transactions for easy exporting when updating her financial spreadsheets.




Next Steps

Research • Discovery • Innovation