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Fiserv Digital Banking: Personal Finace Management Design Sprint

How to pivot properly!

Client: Architect

Project: UX / UI Design


What Happen?

After joining the team, a week later, our product was DROPPED! Until reassigned to a new product, we shifted our focus to the new star of the show Architect. This design sprint allowed us to discover new areas of opportunities for Architect, impacting the 2024 product roadmap. This Case study details my Design Sprint for Architect's Personal Finance Management tool.

Design Goal

1. To identify areas for opportunity for Architect's Personal Finance tools.
2. Design an intuitive process for users to manage their finances.


Heuristic Evaluation Findings

Competitive Analysis Findings

I compared Corillian, Simplifi by Quicken, and Educator's Credit Union to Architect to determine where our product is doing well, where we need to improve, and which trends we can get ahead of.


From a series of interviews we created two archetype personas to design for.

User Journey

During our interviews, we conducted a card-sorting exercise with our SMB owners. We asked them to sort 33 features into three categories, must-have, good to have, and not relevant. Within each category, we asked the participants to rank the features in each category from most to least important to them. We analyzed this data by persona and where features overlapped across personas.

Affinity Mapping


First Iteration

I started by designing a low res wireframe to conceptualize the idea of monitoring your money over time.

Second Iteration

Third Iteration (Usability Tested)

Usability Findings

Final Iteration



Impacted Architect's 2024 product road map, in which my proposed designs, features, and user joinery will be used in the shipped product.


I learned that sometimes your first idea isn't your best and going through multiple iterations will ultimately land you in a better place than where you started.

Next Steps

Periodically meet with the product team and developers to iron out any possible concerns while Architect is being developed and revamped.

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